BasicPages is still fairly new, so documentation is lacking.  Please feel free to use our contact page if you want to help contribute.


BasicPages is installable through SimpleScripts as a one-click install (our favorite method). This works on just about any web host there is via FTP, regardless of host participation, so try it out.

If you opt for a manual installation, it's pretty straight-forward as well.  BasicPages is file based; there is no complicated database to set up.  To get started, download BasicPages, use an FTP program to upload the files to your web hosting account, unzip/untar the archive, and run the installer to set a username and password.  Make sure the "bp_content/" directory is writable by the web server.

Installing Themes

BasicPages comes with two stock themes.  Additional themes can be easily created (see below), or found from our template library or select template sites.  Just upload and extract the theme to the bp_themes/ directory, and BasicPages will find them automatically.

Creating Themes

Themes are stored in a theme directory, such as "bp_themes/basic" or "bp_themes/stripes".  Theme directories contain at least three files: a layout page (page.php), at least one stylesheet (style.css or similar), and a screenshot (screenshot.png).  Additional stylesheets may (and should) be added to give the user additional style/color options (call these anything-you-want.css).  Images can be stored in the same directory, or in a subdirectory such as "bp_themes/basic/images".  To grab the content for each block, refer to the chart below.

Will return the page title.
$bp->page_meta_keywords() Returns the list of page specific keywords created by the user.
Provides a description of the page for search engine use.
The selected page stylesheet. Argument 'style.css' denotes your chosen default stylesheet.
User submitted analytics code. Should be placed just above the </head> tag.
The meat and potatoes of the page.  This returns the contents of the page as created by the user.
$bp->page_navigation() This returns the list of pages and page titles for display anywhere you see fit.  Format: page => title
$bp->page_credits() Copyright info, powered by, and credits. Please always include this!

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